Total Quality and the Docal Custimized Approach

For 40 years, Docal has been designing, manufacturing and repairing custom-made heat exchangers and pressure vessels for the refrigeration/air conditioning markets and industrial applications. With the experience gained over the past four decades, we can meet any customer's specifications, regardless of the liquid or other coolant used, and whatever the desired capacity. We're proud of our personnel and the quality of our productsthey're the basis of our fine reputation.

In our constant quest to ensure quality and keep our customers satisfied, we have applied the principles of Total Quality throughout the company. Today, we're pleased to offer you more than just a superior-quality product. We offer you the Docal Customized Approach, a unique service that sets us apart from the competition and guarantees you total satisfaction. It's the result of superior performance at every level of our operations.

Docal Customer Service: Long-Term Quality Assurance

Our engineer-representatives are honest-to-goodness liaisons between our customers and our design and production teams. They follow each project every step of the waybefore, during and after constructionmaking sure it comes out exactly as ordered.